Columbus Day Weekend, 2003
Photos: Tom Laskey
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Saturday, October 11 through Monday October 13, 2003. This year's NYCC Catskills weekend was a huge success with 3 great days of unsurpassed riding. Despite a few showers on Sunday, weekend guests managed to get in every mile that had been planned and maybe even a little more. In the evenings, Phoenicia, NY became one big NYCC party town. See you up there next year?


The A's gather at the Ashokan Reservoir for a "Wow" moment.



Another "Wow" moment.


Nothing like a back rub after a hard day in the saddle.



Paul Hofherr hands out cue sheets for the day's ride.

El Jefe hands out cue sheets for Sunday's ride. Riders study the climbing options intently.



Lisa Lurie models the latest in cycling garb.


Our last meal at the venerable Sweet Sue's. Great food, great company, bright sunshine, the perfect end to a great weekend.



El Prez blows out the candles on his birthday sandwich.