NYC Marathon ride, 2003
Photos: Robert Dinkelmann, Timothy McCarthy and Bill Wolf
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Sunday, November 2. Tens of thousands of runners gathered in the early morning on Staten Island ready to take part in the great street festival called the New York City Marathon. Meanwhile on the other side of the Verazzano Bridge, cyclists, always keen to get in on a good thing, gathered to ride the course before the race started.


But first, how do many of the riders get that far out into Brooklyn? The subway of course! Take the R train to its last stop at 95th Street.



The meeting place: the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot on 4th Avenue at 8:00 AM.


Dunkin' Donuts did a brisk business as cyclists and police officers alike tanked up in preparation for their respective Marathon experiences.



With the Verazzano Bridge in background the group prepared to push off.

Rich Ramon and Timothy McCarthy ready to go.



Ride leader, Peter O'Reilly adjusts his gloves.


The ride gets underway and heads out, up 4th Avenue.



This long straightaway passes through many neighborhoods of Brooklyn.


The group cruised along at a good clip, enjoying the lack of traffic on the closed course.



Nearing the end of 4th Avenue and approaching a landmark of Brooklyn.