Escape New York, 2003
Photos: Mostly from Tom Laskey with a few from Robert Dinkelmann and Timothy McCarthy.
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Saturday, October 4, 2003. The Escape New York has seen cold days. It has also seen wet days. This year we saw a day both cold and wet. However, well over 300 brave souls participated, displaying stick-to-it-tiveness and heart.


The day starts at Sakura Park where everyone signs in.



Annaline Dinkelmann and Gary McGraime pal it up as Gary prepares to call together his group.


27 miles into the ride was the first rest stop, graciously hosted by the Bermans: Russ, Miranda and Anita. For most riders it hadn't started raining yet, but shortly after this stop the skies started spitting rain.



Meanwhile, far off at Rockland Lake, volunteers busily set up the lunch stop.

It rained steadily and then stopped in time to not affect lunch much. No bees this year but the riders arrived and ravenously swarmed around the food in their place.



Here an A-19 group arrives, a bit wet but in good spirits.


A18-19 Metric leader, Anthony Donato chows down and Chris Taeger tanks up.



ENY chairperson, Debbie Rothschild with Dave Schloss of Rockland Bicycle Club (who generously sagged Rockland County) and Mark Loftis.


Webmaster Peter O'Reilly—such a helpful guy—came prepared to deal with any mechanical difficulties.



Richard Rosenthal (seated, center) made it widely known that he would not ride in the rain, but he was here anyway. What happened, Richard?


Here Richard and Anthony rally the troops before heading onward.



Did we mention it was cold? Well, colder for some than others. Lewis Liu (right) and his brother Chuck (left), shaking uncontrollably, found some slight warmth from the hand-blower-drier-thing in the men's room which they kept on continuously.