Croton Dam
A-SIG Classic, May 10, 2003
Photos: Timothy McCarthy
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On this ride, the eleventh ride of the A-SIG Classic, the participants run the show. Here Thomas Denham (center, in red) and Avery Washington (right, arms folded) rally the troops. They coached us on what to expect, then divided us into three groups and we headed out.



We rode Route 9 up north to Ossining and turned east to ride up to Croton Reservoir. The dam is closed and we took the gravel path down to the park below the dam. Here Mark Loftis topples over in the sand at the bottom.



Catherine Townsend navigates her way through the sand pit. For the record, Jeff Robins also tasted sand. We warned everyone about this corner!


Timothy McCarthy and Jack Lehnert. How many rides in this series have we co-led together? 7? 8?



The legs of Catherine Townsend and Lewis Liu.



A breather at the base of Croton Dam.


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