Hank Shiffman’s Nyack ride, January 25, 2003
Photos: Ian Hughes, Timothy McCarthy, Hank Schiffman
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We met at the Boathouse at 11:00. Left to right: John Zenkus, Timothy McCarthy, Ian Hughes and Fred Steinberg (taking the picture, Hank Schiffman). Those with broadband click here for the video (1.7mb).



We felt so proud to have made it to the GW Bridge that we stopped to take pictures.


Too many cameras bandied about. We posed again and again.



We did ride our bicycles a bit. Here Ian and Hank climb Tweed.


We supped grandly at the Skylark Diner.



On the way back we stopped for more photos from the GW Bridge. Here's the lighthouse below.


The ice was quite beautiful. However the sun was going down, the wind was blowing. The temperature with windchill got dangerously cold.



Diane Goodwin showed up and wanted to chat but we had to hightail it out of there. She joined us as we rode back to Central Park. That's all. Brrrrrrr.