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B-SIG 2011 Leaders

B-SIG Coordinator:  Wayne Wright

B-18 Captain:  Joe Hunt

B-17 Captain:  Fred Leffel

B-16 Captain:  Kim Jenkins


Paul Adams
Olive Blessing
Hannah Borgeson
Neil Botwinoff
Beth Bryson
Carol Casalino
Joe Casalino
Deb Cooper
Claudia Doege
Raoul Edwards
Liz Greenstein
Christopher Hartmann
Mark Hugel
Joe Hunt
Mark Israel
Ellen Jaffe
Alisa Judy
Kim Jenkins
Bradley Klein
Claudia Kulesh
Fred Leffel
Cathline Marshall
Robert Mahoney
Valli McRoberts
Monica Miller
Bob Mirell
Doug Moreira
Chris Nolter
Mae Pan
Charles Radcliffe
Ryan Rademacher
Jen Rudin
Ken Scher
Carol Waaser
Neile Weissman
Linda Wintner
Wayne Wright
Sandra Zeuner

For general information about the B-SIG, contact [email protected].

A sea of B-SIG bikes!   Photo: Joe Casalino

2011 SIG B

Saturday, March 5, 2011 (All day)



2011 B-SIG


* Registration is now closed


* Began Saturday, March 5th




Do you want to jump-start your season?  

*   Learn good bike-handling skills?   *   Improve your strength, speed and stamina?    *   Get to know some great NYCC routes?   *   Learn how to ride safely in a group?   *   Learn how to work as a team to make any ride easier and more enjoyable?

Well then, you just might want to try: The B-SIG 10-week Progressive Training & Cycling Skills series for 2011!

The B-SIG Includes

The B-16 pace
progresses from a 40-mile ride at 14mph on the first day, to an 85-mile ride at 16mph by early May.

The B-17 pace progresses from a 45-mile ride at 15mph on the first day, to a 100-mile ride (with full century option) at 17mph by early May.

The B-18 pace progresses from a 45-mile ride at 16mph on the first day, to a 100-mile ride (with full century option) at 18mph by early May.

New York Cycle Club and the B-SIGs are committed to making our group rides as safe as possible. The B-SIG will emphasize safe cycling habits. We urge you to review Bicycle Safe, an informative website for cyclists.

Requirements for the B-SIG

Membership NYCC membership is required before the B-SIG starts.
Join NYCC now! 


Signing up for the B-SIG means you have made a commitment to spend 10 consecutive Saturdays cycling with us this spring.

More Details about the B-SIG

It all starts on Saturday, March 5th with our four-lap qualification ride in Central Park, followed by SIG orientation.We start riding on Saturday, March 12th, with our first SIG ride to a New Jersey diner. We will end with our graduation ride through beautiful Harriman State Park to Cold Spring, on Saturday, May 7th.

Check our B-SIG Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Will the B-SIG be challenging? It sure will!

Will the B-SIG teach me really good cycling skills? Absolutely!


2011 SIG B
(All day)
cycling trips