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D-SIG Leaders

  • Akiko Ando
  • Andre Tulet
  • Andres Gutierrez
  • Bonnie Osborn
  • Brian Cantrell
  • Brian Sullivan
  • Claudia Kulesh
  • Fred Harris
  • George Wukoson
  • Gerry Villanueva
  • Hess Kim
  • John Siemens
  • Jon Shireman
  • Kevin Graney
  • Maureen Lin
  • Nick Gigliotti
  • Paul Crowell
  • Sabina Eberle
  • Shari Alexander
  • Sharon Shachar
  • Timothy Creyts
  • Tom Cirolia
  • Tony Weida
  • Yuji Horimoto

Spring Training: The 2021 D-SIG

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Saturday, March 13, 2021 - 7:30am

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Date: Saturday, March 13th, 2021 - 7:30 am

Spots: 40

Updated: Saturday, January 9th, 2021

Due to the current direction that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken, the D-SIG program will not be held in the spring of 2021. Should the situation improve, the D-SIG leaders are looking to offer a series of the Off the Beaten Pavement rides. These will be listed as NYCC club rides that could be modified as needed based on the COVID situation. Though not a D-SIG program, these rides would be listed in progressive order so as the weeks go by folks can be challenged with harder and harder rides.


Why Dirt?

Word is getting out: riding on dirt roads can be a lot of fun. The road cycling community and bike industry have embraced dirt the last few years, with challenging events and capable new equipment. And we are blessed with dozens of miles of fabulous unpaved roads within easy striking distance of New York City. Many of these are among the most-scenic and least-trafficked in our area, and include memorable features like magical views, soul-crushing climbs, and adrenaline-inducing descents.

Dirt roads bring an extra set of difficulties: poor traction, bumpy surfaces, and pinch-flat-causing rocks can put skilled riders to the test. At times the mental challenges can be even tougher than the physical ones. Over time, dedicated cyclists can develop the skills and fortitude needed to overcome and even embrace these obstacles… the rewards will more than justify all the extra hard work.

Why You?

+ You've done the A-SIG or A-Classic, and want a new challenge

+ You love dirt

+ You hate dirt, but want to learn to love it

+ You want to dramatically improve your bike handling ability

+ You want to develop the skills to safely participate in NYCC's listed dirt road rides

+ You want to explore all those tiny roads with cool names that you've always gone right past (Sunken Mine, Mud Pond, Rooster Tail Hollow - anyone?)

+ You want to learn the shortest escape route from your concrete jungle (it's probably a lot closer than you think!)

+ You want to open the door to some serious adventures, ranging from epic one-day events like D2R2 or the Irreverent Road Ride, to multi-day off-road bikepacking trips.

Why the D-SIG?

The D-SIG is built around a progressive series of 10 rides, each longer and more demanding than the last. Every week the leaders will introduce and offer instruction around specific learning points, ranging from bike handling technique to group dynamics and problem solving. The program's leaders are veterans of the A-SIG and A-Classic and accomplished dirt riders, dedicated to building the skills and confidence of their participants through coaching and mentorship. The A-SIG and A-Classic programs provide an excellent introduction to dirt riding; the D-SIG will help you become a great wheel on dirt.



+ A-level rotating paceline skills are required. While prior completion of the A-SIG or A-Classic is not mandatory, the skills taught in those programs (or acquired elsewhere) form the foundation for safe, cooperative group riding on all roads, paved and unpaved, as well as trails.

+ Openness to coaching by D-SIG leaders, both on-bike and off.

+ A group-first attitude that will enable participants to undertake and complete bigger adventures together than they could on their own.


+ Road, cyclocross, gravel, or adventure bike with drop handlebars, fitted with minimum 32c or wider tires is required. No hybrids or mountain bikes.

+ Deep gearing (ie compact crank and 11-32 cassette - or equivalent) strongly encouraged.

+ SPD-style pedals or similar (Eggbeaters, Frogs) and shoes that facilitate walking are recommended, as there will be portages.


+ The D-SIG takes place every Saturday from March 13 through May 15, 2021.

+ Orientation TBA, additional details will be sent to registered participants.

+ If weather precludes safe riding on a Saturday, we will shift that ride to Sunday.


+ Be prepared to make a significant time commitment for the duration of the program: both on weekend ride days, and for mid-week training.

+ Expect to be out a full day for the weekend rides. Many of the rides will involve train or other transportation outside of NYC. Please note that while the D-SIG is offered free of charge to NYCC members, round trip train fare for most rides will be around $30.

+ To build the necessary fitness and polish group riding skills, one or two high-­intensity, mid­week training rides (15-20 miles) as well as at least one low­-intensity dedicated recovery ride are recommended in the weeks prior to and during the SIG. At least one mid-week ride each week should be with an A-level paceline group.

+ Participants are expected to attend all 10 weekend rides.

+ Any participant with more than 2 absences will be asked to leave the program; attendance the first three weeks is mandatory.

NYCC Membership

All D-SIG participants must be members of the New York Cycle Club. In addition, each graduate of the program must lead at least one NYCC ride in 2021 (a dirt ride is strongly encouraged).

Spring Training: The 2021 D-SIG
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