2020 A-STS: Spring Training Series for A-riders

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Details & RSVP for the February "All About The SIG & STS" Club Meeting are here

No advance registration is required to participate in the A-STS series but you must be a NYCC member to participate. Please sign up for individual rides in the Upcoming Rides section of the website.

The A-STS was started over 15 years ago by SIG graduates who wanted to enjoy challenging weekly Saturday rides through the spring. Our experienced "route masters" find beautiful, adventurous, and safe routes, extending classic ride destinations to less well known countryside in upstate NY, CT, and NJ.  We often finish our rides with a friendly pint and some good food.

Starting Saturday, February 29, we begin a 12-week series of rides that will cover around 950 miles. 

In March we ride locally at moderate speeds over shorter distances (50-60+mi) with limited vertical gains of 2000-3500 ft. In April we increase the mileage to 70-80+, the gain to 5000-6000 ft, and we introduce trains to reach the epic riding north of the city.  In May we'll visit New Jersey, the Harlem Valley, Connecticut, and the Catskills on 90-100 mile routes featuring gains in excess of 7000 ft, finishing the series with two centuries, the last ride through Connecticut with 100+ miles and 9,000+ feet of climbing. We encourage you to browse this season's exciting routes on our Ride With GPS group page: https://ridewithgps.com/events/121804-a-sts-2020.

Participating in the A-STS does not require you to register for the series or to ride every week. Come and go as you please. You don't have to be a SIG graduate to join the STS, and we don't teach skills.  You should be able to follow a cue sheet or route file, be comfortable in a tight pace line, and be self-sufficient if necessary.  We value camaraderie and friendly support above all, but we expect everyone to possess the fitness and skills required to safely and cooperatively ride with a group of strong, experienced, self-sufficient riders.  

A word about ride dynamics and pace.  By mid-season the baseline pace is A-20.   On the road, we like to keep the groups to a maximum of 12 people so we usually end up with three or four main groups: an A23 group, one or more A21+ groups, and an A19+ group. 

We do NOT have a "no drop" policy. We regroup regularly but will not change the ride to accommodate a cyclist who is having a bad day or can't keep up with the group. Many but not all rides have bailout points. Garmin files are available for all routes.

Sign up for weekly rides on the NYCC website where you'll find a link to the ride's Garmin file. It's always a good idea to check the NYCC message board for last-minute ride information.

Helmets are mandatory.  Aero bars and earbuds are not allowed. You will also need a Metro North bicycle permit.

The A-STS is a cooperative effort. We always welcome input, feedback and anyone willing to lend a hand. If you might be interested in helping, or have questions that weren't answered above, please contact us at a-sts@nycc.org


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