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NYCC Board Making NYCC Move!

The members of the NYCC Board meet once a month to conduct the Club’s business. This duly nominated core of volunteer NYCC members perpetuates, initiates, improves and presides over all that is NYCC. As a result of their tireless efforts, the Club has experienced a great deal of very cool developments. Here are a few of the landmark happenings in 2010:

*   Membership reaches a jaw-dropping 2,026 and counting

*   Escape New York breaks all previous records of cyclist participation by an amazing margin

*   A revamped NYCC website makes its debut chockfull of visual and infrastructural changes that enhance the NYCC experience on so many different levels

*   A concerted focus on and a great success in ramping up the level of speakers at Club meetings with plenty of exciting raffles included


NYCC Board of Directors

President:  Derek Chu

Vice President of Rides:

Membership Director:  Crystiina Avram

Treasurer:  Arden Rodgers

Public Relations Director:  Grace Lichtenstein

Webmaster:  Jim Reaven

Content Editor:  Eunice Martinez


Special Events Director:  Hal Eskenazi

A-Rides Coordinator:  Adrienne Browning

B-Rides Coordinator:  Lauren Gilker

C-Rides Coordinator:  Alan West

Past President:  George Arcarola


View NYCC bylaws.


NYCC mailing address:

New York Cycle Club
P.O. Box 4474
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163


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