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Escape New York 2021

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Saturday, September 25, 2021 - 6:00am

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We have a management team in place and need additional team members.

Contact [email protected] if you are interested, the opportunites are listed below.
  1. Volunteers.  We have two very dedicated and well-connected people in the bike club - who are looking for someone who will have bandwidth over the summer to help manage the large number of volunteers that it takes to prepare and run the event. This role is one of the best ways to meet many people in the club. Consider it!
  2. Logistics. A small team has formed and we are looking for one or two more people who can come on board any time between now and mid-July. The leader of the team cannot be here from mid-August to September and we need someone who can take over at that time, preferably with logistics experience or eager to learn the role. 
  3. Provisions. A strong coordinator is working on this but will also have to travel in the time leading up to the event. We are looking for people willing to team with them.
  4. Hospitality/Registration/Event Day Sign In. This is an area where we plan to innovate and need a team to help staff an e-mail address we have set up ([email protected]) where anyone with a question before, during and after the event will get an answer from the right person. You don’t have to do it all in this role, or know it all in this role. You will just come to know the team and who is best to field the question that comes in. You will likely help develop our FAQ knowledge based on the web site and become a know-it-all by fielding the e-mails in a shared model that we have seen work before in other contexts.
  5. Marketing. We have a a growing team of people in this area but can always use a few more graphic designers or people with technical aptitude and marketing savvy willing to help out.
  6. Sponsors. This is an area where every single member can help without a major commitment of time. If you know anyone who can help their business by sponsoring this event - please send them our way. We are now a 501c3 - a charity recognized by the IRS. Any donated money or in-kind items of value in running the event, are appreciated and recognized with a tax deductible receipt. We definitely need 2-3 people to help follow up on the leads that come in.
  7. Raffle. Last year, we were able to run an innovative raffle that we hope to repeat this year. Our sponsors are very generous and funding some of their contribution with give-aways. Some will be in the packets they will receive pre- and post-ride; some will be raffled off. We have an experienced lead in this area to show you the ropes - but we need one or two additional volunteers to help manage the raffle process over the spring and summer. 
  8. Sakura. The festival caps the ride. It's our cornerstone and it will be very special this year. We have someone leading this whose day job is professional event manager. We are looking for at least two people to help run Sakura in the morning and in the afternoon. Check in will take extra care to implement pandemic protocols. 


Escape New York 2021
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