Want to have a voice in our direction for 2017? Don't forget to cast your ballot for NYCC the 2017 Board of Directors! Electronic Ballot closes November 8 at 7 AM. Paper ballots can be cast at the Club Meeting Tuesday evening.

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2013 New York Cycle Club Board of Directors



    Bob Ross

VP of Programs:

    Eden Weiss

VP of Rides:

    Ken Barrows


    Ellen Goldstein


    Arden Rodgers

PR Director:

    Jeff Levine


    Manuel Ordonez


    Israel Forst

Membership Director:

    Mindy Kaufman

Special Events Director:

    Jade Bailey Assam

A-Rides Coordinator:

    Skip Ralph

B-Rides Coordinator:

    John Semel

C-Rides Coordinator:

    Kate Moskoff

Merchandise Director:

    John Siemens


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