NYCC resumes limited operations ...

Starting Wednesay April 15th, will are going to re-open the ride sign-up system for virtual rides (Zwift, TrainerRoad, Peloton Digital, Rouvy, etc.) and similar on your trainer rides.  We had tried this earlier in the year — before the pandemic — but had few takers.  But things are different now. For more details, please see the home page.

2018 Incentives Program

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Order now through May 4th


Leading a ride or joining the Escape New York Committee or rising to the rank of SIG or STS Captain all may be their own reward, but taking on these volunteer jobs pays off in club gear!


How can I earn club gear?


NYCC members who lead rides or volunteer for club initiatives earn points, which can be redeemed for club gear. Members can earn points as follows:

  • SIG or STS Captain (12 points)
  • Escape New York Coordinator (12 points)
  • Berkshire or New Paltz Coordinator (12 points)
  • Berkshire or New Paltz Ride Coordinator (3 points)
  • Newcomers or All Class Ride Coordinator (3 points)
  • Train Coordinator (6 points)
  • Rides Librarian (6 points)
  • Leader for cue sheet ride (1 point per ride, including SIG & STS rides)
  • Leader for training laps (.5 point per ride)


New SIG graduatesreceive bonus points for leading rides. All 2018 SIG graduates who led four or more cue-sheet rides will be eligible for a jersey.


What gear can I receive?


2018 volunteers will receive club gear featuring the new jersey design. Spiffy! Points can be redeemed as follows:

  • Jacket or Bib Shorts (24 points)
  • Vest or Shorts (18 points)
  • Jersey (14 points)
  • Arm Warmers (12 points)
  • Cap (8 points)
  • Socks (6 points)


I can’t wait! When do I get my gear?


NYCC distributes club gear once a year. The incentives orders for 2019 will open shortly.


2018 volunteers should submit their gear orders by May 4, 2019. You will be notified once your gear is ready for pick-up. Please note that we manufacture all the gear to order, so it will take a little while for it to be available.


Wait, why would I order gear before the jersey design is finalized?


Because you’re an adventurous cyclist who loves mystery and excitement!


What about my volunteer work this year?


Thanks for helping to make this an awesome season! Right now, we’re only doing volunteer work for 2018. Anything you did in 2019 will count when we do the incentives program next year.


I have a lot of points. Can I trade them in for multiple items? Alternatively, my SIG group and I would like to pool all our points so that we can all share one jacket. Also, can I get partial credit for points I earned in 2017?


Although we appreciate the creativity of these requests, we can’t accommodate them. If you have incentive points left over, they will be forfeited, so choose your gear wisely.


I heard a rumor that SIG leaders aren’t eligible for gear. Is that true?


Whoever started that rumor should be barred from receiving gear. Of course, SIG leaders receive gear! You earned a point for each SIG ride you led plus a bonus if you were SIG captain.


I’m just one point short for earning a jacket, and I swear I would have led another ride if my dog hadn’t eaten my bike. Can I please have the extra point?




I volunteered in a really awesome way, and I don’t see it listed above.


Thanks for doing that awesome stuff! Write an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].


What if I volunteered with another cycling organization? Does that count?


It doesn’t. But that’s very cool.


I was so busy riding that I missed the deadline to order gear.


Oh no! We send the gear orders to the manufacturer after we close them, so we’re not able to accommodate late requests. We still appreciate all your work!


I have another question.

Write an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].


**All new SIG grads from 2018 who led 4 or more cue-sheet rides are eligible for a jersey**

Trade your points in for NYCC Club gear.



Points   Gear
24   Jacket or Bib Shorts
18   Vest or Shorts
14   Jersey
12   Arm Warmers
8   Cap
6   Socks


**Please Note** Incentive points can only go toward one item of gear. If you have points left over, they will be automatically forfeited.

If you have questions, contact our Incentives Coordinator.

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