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Thank You Volunteers!

A Note from the President:


Those were dark days. In the first week of March, 2020, we canceled the first SIG rides. A few days later, we canceled the rest of them and all the rest of our riding program to boot, along with monthly meetings and everything else “until further notice“. Escape New York was scrapped in early Summer. Many of us wondered if the New York Cycle Club, proudly founded in 1936, would recover or even survive.

Saturday’s ENY event put paid to all those concerns. It was a glorious demonstration of all that this Club – or any club – can be at its best. Hundreds of riders, nearly 200 volunteers, multiple work crews starting before dawn and ending at 9:00 at night, while another crew showed up on Sunday to put all of the “stuff“ away and finish the job. One detail: it took two full Got Junk trucks just to take away the trash. It was a heroic undertaking and a masterful exercise in reimagining ENY for the age of Covid, in planning, in marketing, in execution and in plain old determination, especially after a year off. As always, it was a 100% volunteer effort, from which the Club will take not a penny in profit.

To all who were involved, in whatever capacity, my heartfelt thanks and a round of applause. To Sam Lunetta who stepped up as the premier “details guy”, to Colin Taber, who recruited and led the armies of volunteers, and most of all to Ride Director Allan Friedman who climbed every mountain, forded every stream and sweated every detail, a standing ovation is definitely in order. 

I am so proud to be a member (and indeed President) of this wonderful organization that can unite in such a tour de force. I hope you are too, and I look forward to seeing all of you on the road.

Peter Storey

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