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2022 NYCC Board of Directors Nominees

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Leora Rosenberg

I am grateful to accept Peter's nomination to run for president of NYCC. The nomination is meaningful to me because as a newer member of the club, I am not so far from all of the moments when I questioned whether I could be a part of this community. 

I joined NYCC four years ago as a siggie with more enthusiasm than ability. I made it up Bear Mountain only because my entire group committed to leaving no cyclist behind. As I raised my bike above my head, I felt like the whole club had pulled me up that mountain, and I was determined to give back. But getting involved wasn’t easy - my first attempts to volunteer were met with crushing rejection in the pockets of the club where young women aren’t welcome. It seemed like there were two ways to volunteer: I could find another club, or I could run for volunteer coordinator.  I ran, and I won, and I’ve been proud to serve as your volunteer coordinator for the last three years.

The volunteer coordinator sees the club at its best. Each year, when you send me tallies of the rides you’ve led, I know that those counts represent all the joy and support you brought to our members. I also see the moments beyond ride descriptions, the ones where we build a community: the meals you cooked when I broke my collarbone, the way you keep inviting me to bike wash parties even though I never go, my SIG group sitting shiva when one of our leaders suffered a loss, the lap leaders who fix flats before sunrise, the times when we waited for cyclists we should have dropped, and the fact that no matter how much we plan, lunch always takes forever. Each year, when I send you your incentive program jerseys, I wish that I could honor all that you do by doing more myself. 

After three years as your volunteer coordinator and two years as a BSIG leader, I hope that you will choose me to serve as your president. If you elect me, my priority will be welcoming new members into our club and inviting them into its leadership pipeline. With the majority of our members over the age of 45, our long-term success depends on our newcomers. We’ll need to invest in traditional outreach tools like brand and digital assets while remembering that cyclists choose our club for our fun rides and extraordinary leaders. We’ll also need to prioritize the inclusion of communities who are underrepresented in our club; we have something special, and we should share it with all who want to ride. 

Vice President of Programs

Steve Vaccaro

I am running for re-election to serve a third one-year term as Programs Director for the Club.  The unique responsibility of the Programs Director is to organize monthly club meetings that include programming of interest to club members.  The Programs Director also serves as a regular voting Board member, and is responsible for filling in for the President of the club if necessary.

I deserve your support because I have fully met the responsibilities of Program Director.  Faced with the onset of the pandemic two months into my tenure, I moved the club meetings from an in-person to a virtual format in March 2020.  During that initial month of full covid lockdown, while club rides were suspended, I expanded the programming to present speakers on a weekly, rather than monthly basis, with the goal of maintaining a club presence in the lives of members.  Presentations have continued on a monthly basis thereafter, with only one month missed.  I am instituting hybrid form in-person and Zoom-simulcast monthly meetings, beginning in September 2021. Finally, it bears mention that I have attended and participated in every meeting of the club’s Board of Directors since I became a member, and I also support the club in other roles, such as ride leader and, through my law firm, as club event sponsor.

In selecting speakers for the monthly club meetings, I have tried to present the most dynamic and accomplished individuals who reflect the diversity of our biking universe.  These include, from the world of bike racing, Ayesha McGowan, the first female African-American pro racer, and Ian Walker, world record holder for the longitudinal crossing of Europe (and a traffic behavior social scientist to boot).  From the world of bike advocacy we heard from Danny Harris, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives; Lena Tibebe, founder of the Ride to D.C. (diversify cycling); and Jon Orcutt, Advocacy Director for Bike New York.  From the world of bike biz, we heard from Austin Horse, manager of one of the largest ebike delivery fleets in the city (and a former bike racer to boot), and Shabazz Stewart, founder of Oonee, the provider of next-generation secure bike parking systems. And from world of bike culture, we heard from Peter Flax, renowned bike journalist and editor of Bicycling Magazine, and from Brendt Barbur, founding director of the Bicycle Film Festival.  (For purposes of transparency, I have also scheduled myself to speak to the club once a year on matters of bike law, policy and safety; this continues the practice of prior Program Directors, who scheduled me to speak annually to the club since 2013). These were just some of the speakers; video recordings of monthly meeting speakers can be found by selecting “Past Webinars” from the “Events” drop-down menu on the club’s home page.

Please vote to re-elect me as Club Programs Director so I can continue to bring a diverse range of accomplished leaders from all walks of the bike universe to our club’s membership each month.

Vice Presisdent of Rides

Gerald (Jerry)Ross

I am Jerry Ross. I have been a member of NYCC for 29 years and I am standing for re-election to our Board as Vice President-Rides. My official duties, described in our By-Law are to coordinate Club rides, and plan rides that occur in conjunction with special events. I am supposed to be assisted by our Ride Coordinators. Part of the job is to find and encourage ride leaders and establish rules governing the conduct of Club rides.

What I actually do as VP-Rides is not exactly as described in the by-laws. In fact, the Ride Coordinators do the heavy lifting coordinating and managing rides. I see my role as supporting our coordinators, mediating issues, with the help of our Ride Coordinators, that affect rides in general and dealing with riders and leaders who for one reason or another need assistance, encouragement, or admonishment. I also lead rides most weekends and led a C-STS group this past spring.

Like my colleagues on the Board, I do many other things besides the duties spelled out in the by-laws or raised by our Ride Coordinators. I am a general practice attorney with 5 decades of experience handling complex litigation, advising small corporations and partnerships and of particular relevance to our club, handling insurance coverage issues. I have applied that experience to our Club by managing a subpoena seeking documents in a bicycle accident case between two of our members and in supervising the defense of an action against the club brought by a member who was injured on a ride. That latter case is being defended by our insurance carrier; my role is to support and assist the very competent attorney who is defending the case for us. I was able in the subpoena matter, and now the direct lawsuit, to manage those matters because I had a lot of help from several of our fellow members.  I also did the work involved, again with the help of others, to qualify our club as a public charity under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. That designation does not change how the club functions but does allow us to be exempt from charging sales tax on our dues.

One other aspect of the VP-Rides position is that if our President and VP-Programs cannot act, then, under the by-laws, I am next in line to preside over club meetings and board meetings. I had to take on that responsibility when our then President, who was also VP-Programs had a stroke and was forced to resign his positions. To be clear, I was not the “acting president.”

VP-Rides is an important position, in some ways comparable to the role of relief pitcher for a baseball team. I love the work and believe I discharge my duties competently. One thing I know is that I could not carry out my responsibilities without the help and support of my colleagues on the board, my fellow ride leaders and, most important, our members generally and those whom I have the privilege of leading on club rides.


Bob Gilbert

It has been a pleasure serving as the club treasurer for the last few years.  I would like to continue this function since I believe that I am doing a good job.  Each year I create a budget that the board reviews.  Then each month I provide the board with complete year-to-date financials to review our progress against our our budget and historical data. Sometimes I will perform an analysis of aspects of our financials needs some attention.  Most important, I respond promptly to all membership and board questions.  We are generous in our refund policy for those that would like to cancel and have been recently charged.  I also am a Facebook administer and answer many questions via that channel, especially to our new members.  Finally, I help with some of the technical issues aiding our editor and webmaster.  Thanks for listening.  


Ed Delk

Statement not available at this time

Membership Director

Kym Blanchard

While I'm new to the board, and in training for the membership director role; I truly hope to make all members (long-term and new) feel welcomed and a valued member of the NYCC community.  In addition, I hope to work with the team to increase the benefits of membership and communicate the value of the organization louder.  I'm also thrilled and committed to furthering the efforts of the newly formed Diversity & Inclusion committee and welcome any suggestions on how to broaden our membership deeper into all parts of NYC.  Overall, I feel my position is to ensure that we fulfill the mission of the club and all members truly feel the benefits.


ENY Ride Director

Allan Friedman

It was an honor for me to be Ride Director of Escape New York 2021. The late Mike Weitzman took me under his wing from July 2019, and educated me in every aspect of the ride as he handed off to me after two of our most successful events to date. In 2020, covid and an appropriate abundance of caution by our board - forced us to cancel the ride. It was disappointing, but we managed to raise $10K to donate to our two charities from donations and apparel sales.

The experience I gained from volunteering in 2018 and 2019 and actually running the ride in 2021, is the basis for my asking you to vote for me. Despite COVID, the feedback I have received is that the 2021 ride was a success: a good time was had by all, and early indications are that we raised at least twice as much for our charities than we did in 2020Still, there is room to improve. Should I be elected, I have a sense for how to take it to the next level. I'd like to have the opportunity to do that, but more importantly to lay a foundation for future years and share the experience that I have gained with future ENY leaders.
Volunteers and Experience are the two most important NYCC assets that make the ride possible. I was blessed with the right volunteers, at the right time, with the right experience to make 2021 a success and if I am given the opportunity will leverage it forward in 2022 to lay a foundation for future years as well. 
Lisa Gillespie

My name is Lisa Gillespie and in addition to being a  NYCC member I’m also the Shero/leader of Black Girls Do Bike New York City.  My background is in leadership and management. As a clinical nurse leader I’ve always found team player and am very capable of generating successful outcomes with teams.  I’ve  volunteered  to help coordinated large scale sporting events such as the veteran’s wheelchair games ( where i was the chair persons of the Archery event) and Good Will games. 
       I am a member of  several cycling clubs including  5 boro bike club, Major Taylor Iron riders, New Jersey Major Taylor and Ciscyling.   In addition to bringing my experiences to the event  I also  hope to help bring more diversity. I’d like to see this event have a stronger connection with our Hispanic, Asian and black/brown cycling groups. There are many in the area but for some reason they have not been  overly attracted to the event. I’m hoping to help with that as well as engage more riders via various social media forms. It’s a great event I would just like to help it grow even more.


Volunteer Coordinator

Michael Diener
NYCC has provided fantastic experiences across the A, B, and C rides I've enjoyed during the last year. It's wonderful to get outside and enjoy cycling through different regions and terrain with a variety of different cyclists. After completing the rewarding A-STS series this spring with Alan and Felipe, I was hooked. To give back to NYCC I started leading rides.
After getting dropped two rides in succession during Central Park morning laps the ride leader was open to me co-leading a slower group. This gave riders an option to join the speed that worked best for them. This has expanded into 4 different speed groups every Tuesday and Thursday morning. The groups range from those welcoming B-riders new to A-style pacelining all the way up to the race team group.
I coordinate the 15 volunteer co-leaders to provide NYCC members a fantastic morning lap option. This includes managing the incentive program for our co-leaders and organizing parties for riders and co-leaders at local venues. As these are the responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinator, I'm excited to extend what I already do for the benefit of the entire NYCC Club.
Charmaine Dixon
Hello I am Charmaine Dixon and I am running for the position of Volunteer Coordinator. Where do I begin to introduce myself?
I am a parent of 2 children, a 14 and a 7 year old. I am an active and involved mother. I currently serve as the President of the Parent Teacher Organization at my eldest child’s school, I have been a team leader with the organization New York Cares for over 20 years. I have held every position on the P.T.A, I have served as Treasurer, President and Secretary, I have enjoyed every single position and I do not believe you have to have a title to do the work.
I have led teams of volunteers over the years in serving in soup kitchens all over NYC, we have taken children from the temporary housing to experience the wonderful world of books via the mobile library, I have served as a Site Captain for many years wherein we have gone into NYC public schools to help brighten the learning spaces of our children, as a Site Captain I have worked with the NYC Parks Department to make our parks cleaner and brighter. I have led classes for women who were on welfare who wanted to go back into the workforce, teaching them interview skills and resume writing. I have
volunteered teaching seniors the basics of the computer to become comfortable with the internet and the computer, the list goes on and on.
I joined NYCC during the pandemic to get out and enjoy riding even more and to get and stay fit. I saw an email recently from the Escape NY Director asking for volunteers and I gladly sent an email asking how I could be of service? This was my first time volunteering with NYCC and it was a great experience. I believe volunteering is its own reward, that is why I have continued to give back of my time. I believe with my years of experience my outgoing personality and my attitude of not being afraid of getting my hands dirty makes me the ideal candidate for this position. I enjoy meeting new people and would love the opportunity this role would give me to get to know more people within the club, than I might meet riding at my level. Win or lose NYCC will have me active and involved riding and volunteering.

Public Relations Director

Neille Weisman

As Public Relations Director, I maintain active relations with organizations upon whom the Club depends to run its rides—Metro NorthLong Island Railroad, NJ Transit and Central Park Conservancy.
In concert with cycling groups throughout the region, I lobby for legislation to make cycling safer and easier, to expand access over Port Authority and MTA bridges and to broadly expand recreational cycling opportunities.   
To make the Club relevant to diverse communities, I have designed training programs and rides with Black Girls Do Bike and Cyclistas Latinoamericanos de New York.  [Although not strictly part of my role as PR Director, I also head up our New Paltz and Greenport weekends, the Fall Foliage Series and R-STS.]
As NYC’s oldest and most prestigious bike club, we are positioned to champion cycling as a means to enhance public health and access to green space as well as regional sustainability and resilience.  As PR Director, I will do what I can to make that happen.

Content Editor

Sheila O'Connor

I have served as Content Editor for NYCC since April 2021 and have been a member of NYCC since 2014. It will be an honor to serve in that role for 2022. I came to the position with professional experience managing websites, social media and email communications and I enjoy using my knowledge and skills to support my passion. As content editor, I have developed a content calendar for the NYCC monthly newsletter, provided timely additions and updates to the website, including promoting special events and monthly membership meetings, while providing seamless maintenance, ensuring it is functioning as it should. My goal for 2022 is to oversee the completion of an upgrade to the website and support an updated design to give it a more current look. 


Natan Elman

It's been an honor to be on the board of NYCC since 2019 and serve members in the role of the Webmaster. I would like to continue helping the club in that role. I assist with technical questions that come from members regarding user accounts on the web as well as addressing issues that come up with the website. I will also be involved in migrating the website to a new technology.  

Special Events Director

Denise Alvarez-Heller

Have been a Financial Controller for 13 years.  5 of those in retail business and 8 currently in the construction industry.  Also have experience as a Project Manager in construction.  Both of these positions have given me experience in organization and operations management. 

Aside from the technical capabilities I just plain believe in the NYCC.  I know I am grateful to have been referred to the club and wish for its successful continuation. 

Rides Coordinators

A Rides

Michael Bernstein

No statement available

B Rides

Colin Taber

I would like your vote as the B-Rides Coordinator for 2022!  I enjoy the role, and contributed in 2021 by getting rides going again as we slowly inched out of the pandemic.  I instigated the return of the B-STS.  As a board member, I participated in our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which worked to strengthen ties with diversity oriented cycling groups within our community.  Other services to the club not directly related to this role include B-SIG leader, and Volunteer Coordinator for Escape New York.

C Rides

Marc Simkin

I joined NYCC back in June of 2017, and I did several rides that summer.  I started to lead rides by the late fall of 2017, purely for selfish reasons,  leading rides made sure I got out and rode at least one weekend day.  During 2018, I attempted the B-Sig.  Never graduated.   That didn’t turn me off, I just tried harder the next year.  I became a presence at the monthly meetings and was the greeter at most meetings.  It was an easy way to get involved.  I started to volunteer to help in other places.  I was a marshal for ENY in 2018 and 2019.  In 2019, I stepped in to fill the Content Editor position on the board when it became open midterm and fulfilled that role until early 2021.

My plans as C-Rides Coordinator is to change nothing that Julie Blackburn and Linda Wintner have implemented.  I will just keep the programs they put in place running.

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