Lifetime Members

Richard Rosenthal (second from left) flanked by Lifetime Members Ellen Jaffe, Linda Wintner and Edward Fishkin. Inducted Jan 13, 2015. Photo by Neile Weissman

NYCC  Lifetime Members

  • Louis Berardunucci
  • Herb Dershowitz
  • Edward Fishkin
  • Christy Guzzetta
  • Dan Henry
  • Ellen Jaffe
  • George Kaplan
  • Syd Lange
  • Chris Mailing
  • Gary McGraime
  • Peter O'Reilly
  • NYC Parks & Rec
  • Robin Read
  • Richard Rosenthal
  • Jody Sayler
  • Fred Steinberg
  • Jeff Vogel
  • David Walls
  • Irv Weisman
  • Linda Wintner
NYCC Lifetime Membership is granted to those whose undeniable contributions to NYCC over time have enhanced the Club.
While candidates are considered annually by the Board of Directors, the honor is only granted on identifying a candidate whose work has shone in building the club over a number of years.

Recommended guidelines for nominating Lifetime Membership






Volunteering at New York Cycle Club

We have no paid staff at New York Cycle Club, yet our Club bursts with vitality.

NYCC is a high-functioning engine with year-round offerings of rides, events, monthly programs, the SIG, ENY and the camaraderie of like-minded members who have found each other through their love of cycling.

If you, as an NYCC member, value what you get from the Club, then it is critical to remember that all of this happens solely from our collective efforts.  

The point is... all of us make NYCC the rich community that it is.

To sustain it means we all need to contribute to this collective labor of love called NYCC.

There are so many possibilities!

Here is what you can do:

  • Lead rides if you are already a confident ride leader
  • Partner with an experienced ride leader and become a ride leader
  • Lead C rides for our newer members even if you’re a faster rider
  • Coordinate our All-Class Ride
  • Coordinate our Newcomers Ride
  • Promote the Club at Summer Streets
  • Develop your own program of interest for members at a venue you arrange
  • Do you know Drupal? Are you a programmer? Work with our webmaster to refine the website

We love suggestions if they are accompanied by follow-through!

Remember there is no paid staff. It is only all of us who make things happen.

More of us pitching in to make NYCC a hive of activity equals a stronger, more vital NYCC.


For volunteer opportunities, contact:

General questions:

Ride Leading:

ENY Volunteer: