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The 2013 Incentives Program

Leading a ride or joining the Escape New York Committee or rising to the rank of SIG or STS Captain all may be their own reward, but taking on these volunteer jobs pays off in Club gear!

Click here for a report of 2013 awarded Incentive Points.

Point(s) Earned Volunteer Role
12 SIG & STS Overall Group Coordinators (A, B, C)
12 Escape New York Committee
12 Westpoint Chairperson
6 Berkshires Weekend Organizer
6 Berkshires Rides Coordinator
6 All-Class Ride Coordinator
6 Newcomers Ride Coordinator
3 Connecticut Shoreline Ride Coordinator
1 Lead any A, B or C ride
0.5 Lead training laps
1 Develop an original cue sheet for Ride Library
6 Metro North Coordinator 

Trade your points in for NYCC Club gear.


2013 Rewards Points Program

Points Gear
24 Jacket
18 Shorts or Vest
14 Jersey
12 Arm Warmers
8 Cycling Cap
6 Socks
3 Water Bottle


Ride Coordinators and our VP of Rides will make sure your ride leads are aggregated for the year and the point totals are forwarded to our Incentives Coordinator. 

Our Incentives Coordinator will maintain a spreadsheet of these points for the calendar year 2013 and will be responsible for distributing gear awards.

If you have questions, contact our Incentives Coordinator.